June 22nd 5-8pm

Parents & Kids 

At The Ready (ATR) is pleased to announce its Parent’s and Kids Gun Education & Safety Course. If you are interested in being with your kids while you both can learn about gun safety and education in the home or out and about then this course is for you! This 3 hour course is for parents and their school-aged children ages 10-14.

Cost is $75 and includes parents and max of 2 kids (10-14, for safety reasons). *Must be in the same family if bringing two kids. 


You will need:

Handgun or Rifle for your child (22 LR preferred)

50 rounds of ammunition 

Eye and ear protection for Parents and Kids


We are capping this class at 4 sets of parents (yes it is ok if only one can make it). If you have any questions or need information about firearm rentals please text Britny 509.521.2427 or Stephanie 801.616.2504

June 27th 10am-4pm
At the Farm Training Center

Defensive Transitions

Too often in day-to-day training exercises we rely too heavily on flat ranges and only training one application at a time. Perfect conditions don't exist in the real world. Enter ATR's Defensive Transitions course. You may start as a one application a day shooter but by the end of the course you will be training with both handgun and AR platform rifle and be comfortable utilizing and transitioning between both. This class will take you from the everyday flat range shooter to start thinking and training more unconventionally because one never knows what will arise. 


You will need: 

  • One functioning AR or Carbine platform rifle

  • Sling setup for AR (required) 

  • 3 AR magazines 

  • Magazine pouches for all magazines (belt or plate carrier setup)

  • One functioning handgun

  • 3 handgun magazines

  • Magazine pouches for all handgun magazines (belt or plate carrier setup)

  • 250-300 rounds of ammunition for your rifle

  • 200 rounds of ammunition for your handgun

  • Hat or other method of covering head

  • Gloves (recommended but not required)

  • Eye and ear protection 

  • Knee pads (recommended but not required)

  • Proper footwear (comfortable for standing in all day) 

  • Sunscreen or rain wear (plan for the weather) 

  • Water to last the entire day

  • Lunch or snack for lunch break (we will not leave the range for lunch) 

  • Folding chair (recommended but not required)


We will be capping this class at 8. Please reach out today to get your name on the roster!

July 19th 5-8pm

Intro To Handgun

At The Ready (ATR) is pleased to announce its Introduction to Handgun Course. If you are interested in being taught in a no-pressure environment this course is for you! You will learn safe handling and basic firearm safety rules,  fundamentals of shooting, safe unloading and loading of a handgun and have range time with certified Range Safety Officers. Cost is just $50 for the course and includes two hours of classroom instruction as well as one hour of range time. We will be capping this class at 12 individuals. Must be 18 years of age or older. 


You will need: 

-1 Handgun (rentals are available, please make arrangements PRIOR to the start of class)

-100 rounds of ammunition for the caliber of your handgun

-Eye and ear protection 


For any questions or information on reserving a rental firearm, please text Britny 509.521.2427 or Stephanie 801.616.2504!


Private Lessons

Yes! We also do private lessons. If you are just beginning and prefer to work alone, or want us to plan out a course based on your needs we can do that! Contact us to sign up for your private lesson. 

Cancellation Policy

Due to the high demand for firearms training, if you are unable to attend a course, the ATR terms are as followed; For a full refund, you may request in writing (text or email to Britny or Stephanie) to cancel this course for a full refund, up to 30 days before the date and time of the course. Cancellations in writing between 10-19 days before the course may be granted a 50% refund. Cancellation requests made within 9 days of the course date and time may not receive a refund or transfer to another course. When you register for a course, you agree to these terms.

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