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Stephanie Shepherd

Stephanie is from Payson, Utah. Stephanie learned how to shoot at a fairly young age by her Mom. She did a lot of shooting on her own, without proper training, and formed some bad habits. That’s when she realized she needed something more than just time on the range getting tips here and there from the people around her. “All of the knowledge I’ve gained through accredited instructors has been invaluable. My passion grew and I wanted to teach the same skills to others. Whether it’s for self defense, being better aware of your surroundings, or purely for sport, they are irreplaceable skills that I believe everyone should learn.”

Stephanie’s favorite thing about instructing these courses are seeing her students grow in confidence. Giving them the skills they need to confidently go to a range, load their firearm on their own, problem solve any stoppages on their own, and safely train on their own is what Stephanie’s goal as an instructor is.


Britny Cottrell


Britny originates from Basin City, Washington.
She started teaching these gun courses because she wants to make a difference in this crazy world and give people the knowledge and skills they need to become proficient with firearms. “I believe that education is so key and I want everyone to walk with confidence knowing if anything happened they would be able to fight back. Even if the intention for taking the class is purely for sport, these are life skills being taught. Adding tools to everyone’s toolbox.”

When asked “Why would you encourage someone to take one of your courses?” She responded with, “Because they’re fun and we shoot firearms! On a more serious note, we really enjoy what we do and helping people. We want to share our love of firearms with you and hope that you have a fun time learning with us.”

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